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Webkinz Kid 2!

Go to http://tripledeckerfunstuff.wordpress.com/ It’s a great blog. Also make sure to comment on my contests here.

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More new News!

 Let’s thank gymbo for this news.





Wow! More news!


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I have a contest page. It’s called Contest 1. Go and check it out.

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Friend List

I just went through all the people on my friends. I might have deleted you because I forgot you user name. Please tell me your user name so that I know if I should accept the friend request. If you don’t tell me I won’t except the request.

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Lots of news!


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Webkinz world updated!

The second half of the Grocery Store theme has been added to the wShop.
There are five new Exclusive Items out (Gas Pump, Moon Rover, School House Desk, Seaside Palace Sandcastle, and Time Warp Clock) and one new Pet of the Month item (Magic Genie Lamp).
Five older exclusives have been retired and are no longer available as adoption gifts: Red Paned window, Jelly Cactus, So Mod Moped, Toadstool Table, and the Blue Wagon.
There are six New Kinzpost Stationary Pages for writing letters to your friends.
There are three new wrapping papers for you gifts to send, plus a Deluxe Wrapping for Deluxe members.
The Woodland Wonders has a new item to search for, a Plush Fairy doll.
The Dog Theme has been removed from the wShop. Will these items start showing up in the Curio Shop, like previously retired wShop themes? We’ll have to wait and see.
After being gone for a very long time Quizzy’s WhizKinz has returned to the Tournament Area. Zingoz Switcharoo has been added to that area too.
The Curio Shop has undergone a Re-vamp and now includes a section specifically for Deluxe members. It appears Deluxe members will now have access to more items for sale in the Curio Shop, including Rare items, than regular members.

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Walrus, tawny pup,tomato clownfish,signature raccoon


silver soft cat,iugaunna,lionfish,signature calico cat


lava dragon,turkey


peppermint puppy

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