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Sweet Tooth Tiger:

Ice Fawn:

Clover Pup:

Signature Dutch Bunny:

Tree Kangaroo:

Old English Sheep Dog:

What do you think of all of these pets?


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More New Pets

Signature German Shepherd:

Mistletoe Mouse:

Love Lion:

Clover Puppy:

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Some New Pets

What do you think?………


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New Estore Items

Here are some new items at the estore that they will be selling tomorrow. They are called Antique Column and Solid Gold Candelabra.

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Game Piece Poster Bed Replica

If you want the Game Piece Poster Bed Replica you must go pick it up today. Today is the only day you can go and buy it. Will you be buying this items? Do you have the original bed?

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Opal with PSI

This is the opal sitting in one of the chairs you get for a PSI including another char and table.

Opal Pet with PSI

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Pet for Halloween

This is a pet for Halloween at the estore. Do you like it? It’s called the trick or treat troll.

Trick or Treat Troll

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