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Kinzstyle Outlet

There is a clothing store now in WW. You can make different clothing with your old ones. Do you like this addition to WW?

KinzStyle Outlet

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Superbed for Birds

This is the very first superbed that is for outdoor and treetop rooms. I do not know if it’s estore or exclusive Do you like it?

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Wheel of WOW/ Retired

There are two new items for you to be able to win on the Wheel of WOW. One of the new items: the jacket, is already on the wheel of wow to be won. Do you like these new items for the Wheel of WOW?

It just so happens I won today playing that game too. I couldn’t find it in my dock when I was done spinning the wheel. So I deiced to log out. When I logged back in I didn’t see it. I was so sad because I won the jacket but didn’t get it. Has anyone else “won” the jacket but not been awarded it?

The retired theme has been announced. The space theme is leaving the WShop and moving to the curio shop. Though I still have that theme in the WShop. I don’t really want to buy it though. Do you have it in the WShop still? Are you going to buy it?


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Changes- Things To Do

As you can see in the picture below the newspaper and curio shop are circle in red. That’s because the pictures have been changed. Do you like the old ones or the new ones.

Changes To Menu

UPDATE: This must have been a glitch because now there are back to the way they were.

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Webkinz Kid 2!

Go to http://tripledeckerfunstuff.wordpress.com/ It’s a great blog. Also make sure to comment on my contests here.

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More new News!

 Let’s thank gymbo for this news.





Wow! More news!


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Does anyone want to trade with me? I have updated the lists. See if there is anything that you want now. I’m spring cleaner right now so the lists will keep on chaining for a little bit loner. So come and check everyday or so.

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Come and take the quiz…

I made I quiz and I would like you to go and take it. http://www02.quizyourfriends.com/take-quiz.php?id=0906182027264665&a=1&&

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Doug In The Clubhouse

Here please post if you see Doug. What room, zone,kinzchat or kinzchat plus and the time Kinztime. I will have a page for this if it becomes popular enough to have one.

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The rest of this theme is out in the WShop. Read this artical for more info.
More Pink in the City!

Also that new snake I show you guys earlier. Well ganz has a contest on there website http://www.kinzvillenewz.com/wp-mu/ It will be on May 23rd and May 24th. Check it out for more info on the contest.

Webkinz Newz Contest May 23 & 24

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