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2011 Webkinz Pets

I know I haven’t made a new posts in ages so here are some new pets coming out, or maybe there already out.




Enjoy, please comment below if you have some comments you would like to share. 🙂

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Sweet Tooth Tiger:

Ice Fawn:

Clover Pup:

Signature Dutch Bunny:

Tree Kangaroo:

Old English Sheep Dog:

What do you think of all of these pets?

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More New Pets

Signature German Shepherd:

Mistletoe Mouse:

Love Lion:

Clover Puppy:

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Some New Pets

What do you think?………


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Glamour Gecko

  The Gecko’s PSI is the Glitz ‘Glamour Disco Ball and the PSF is Creme de Cricket.HM4625335-15644-15680-1

Please check out the contest page. I would like to get that contest finished.

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Daisy Tortoise

Daisy Tortoise PSI and PSF:

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Topaz Terrier

Topaz Terrier November Birthstone pet:

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Baby Penguin coming in December:

Sig Pet coming in December:

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Moose coming in December:

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Daisy Tortoise

Webkinz Coming in December:

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